High School Proficiency Certificate

You Will Receive:

  • High School Proficiency Certificate
  • Access to Exam with 100 Questions
  • Online Study Guide Included
  • New! Unlimited Final Exam Retakes
  • Instant PDF Proficiency Wallet Card

Highschooldiploma.us, in partnership with the High School Proficiency Institute, is dedicated to assisting students of all ages in demonstrating their abilities. Adults and teens needing credentials, have found our proficiency certificate an excellent way to show they can handle high school level material. Our students want documentation they can show employers or include with applications for continuing education.

Our high school proficiency program allows our students to get the credentials they need quickly and efficiently. As our course is completely online, students can take the test and study completely at their own pace. The process takes no more than 2 hours - simply register, study, and take your multiple choice final exam to earn your proficiency certificate online. We always recommend checking with your employer, future school, etc. to see if our program is right for you as we do not offer a high school diploma or GED.

The Fastest Way to Earn A Proficiency Certificate

Demonstrating proficiency with high school level material is a must. Without being able to show a basic level of education, employers are left wondering about an applicant’s abilities. In fact, not having credentials closes off a myriad important opportunities in life.

Our program allows you to obtain a high school level proficiency assessment and certification without having to attend physical classes. We use modern educational delivery and testing over the Internet. Because of this, we can award a proficiency certificate in several hours and with the least amount of hassle for students. You take the course at your own speed and pace it to your own goals.

Before deciding to enroll in our program, students should establish their educational and employment goals and determine if our proficiency certification meets their needs. This may necessitate contacting possible employers or any academic institution to which the student wishes to apply. We serve as an alternative option for those that were not able to successfully receive their high school diploma or GED. 

Study Guide and Test Written by Expert Educators

Leading experts in Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts have carefully created our study materials and exams. Our tests are completely accurate and fair. Each team member that designs our materials holds either his or her Masters Degree or PhD in Education.

Traditional, 4-year high school diploma programs are regionally accredited. However, the students we serve are unable or unwilling to spend four years in a public high school. This may be because of time constraints, the need to obtain immediate employment, or because of age or other considerations. Some may have been unable to obtain a G.E.D (general education degree) or unable to pass state equivalency exams. Other factors can influence the decision to obtain a proficiency certificate from an online program like ours. For example, the cost of a 4-year, regionally accredited high school diploma program may exceed two thousand dollars a year and as much as eight thousand dollars in total. This does not include transportation and living expenses while attending. For these students, a proficiency certificate from High School Proficiency Institute may meet their needs. Financial aid from the federal government is not available for tuition at the high school level, even for those schools which are regionally accredited. High School Proficiency Institute is a privately run assessment and training service. We do not receive any federal or state grants to cover student tuition. Fees are out-of-pocket for students, but still much lower than accredited alternatives.

We present you with a vastly different and much faster way to achieve a high school proficiency certificate. Now you can instantly get your proficiency requirements done online. It is possible to study and pass the test whenever and wherever you like - and results are immediate.

100% Online Study Guide and Test

As our program can be completed 100% online, the High School Proficiency Institute program is perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Our study guide is completely virtual and contains everything you’ll need to pass the test. Whether you need to earn a HS proficiency certificate or prepare for taking the GED, our program makes studying at your own pace a breeze. Our program is completely compatible with all devices - mobile, smart-phones, MAC, PC, notebooks, iPADs, etc.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get Your Proficiency Certificate

It is now possible to study and take the test even while working full time or taking care of a family. Once you have passed the test, you will immediately receive an online pdf version of your proficiency certificate. This means that you have the ability to take the test and obtain proof of your successful completion anytime during the day or at night.

Designed by Curriculum Development Experts

Our educators are experts in developing top-notch curriculums, in addition to having teaching experience in the classroom. They have years of experience in creating study guides and tests that accurately reflect the skillsets of students. There are no fake gimmicks in our training and testing platform. Our program is user friendly, convenient, and 100% focused on providing the best possible solution to our students. 

Students who complete our program gain a third-party assessment of their education and skill level in the topics covered. It demonstrates to potential employers or the students themselves, a real-world level of achievement. However, our certification is not the same as a G.E.D. or regular high school diploma. It may not suffice for college admission, military enlistment, or even the standards set by some employers. Credits earned may not be transferable, and it is entirely up to individual institutions or employers how to value a High School Proficiency Institute certificate. We encourage students to make sure our proficiency program meets their needs and goals before enrolling by asking potential employers or college admissions offices.

Unlimited Practice Exams

Rest assured, you will gain access to all the practice materials you need to succeed. Students have also told us that our study guides give them the knowledge and confidence they need to ace the test. Each exam is graded instantly - anytime of the day or night. You will know what questions you got wrong and where you need to study to strengthen any weak areas. The final exam of each section closely mirrors our practice exams - so you time spent preparing is well spent. 

No Time Limit on our Exam

Flexibility is at the heart of our approach. Not only are our classes online based, they are also designed to allow you to take the test at your own pace. This means that you can login whenever you like and pick up exactly where you left off. As a result, exam taking has become a far more relaxed and rewarding experience. Want to take a coffee break? No problem! Need to go to work? The exam will be ready right where you left off when you return.

Since there is absolutely no time pressure, you can work your job and live your life without the restrictions of a typical high school setting.

Unlimited Free Exam Retakes

If you fail to pass the test on your first try, it is easy to go back and try it again. We place no limitations on how many times you can take the test. This process enables virtually every student to eventually pass and move on to his or her career goals or next level of education.

Receive 70% or Higher on Our Exam and You Pass

Not only can our test be completed in just two hours, but also all your tests can be saved online from any computer. Receive a 70% score or better on our test, and you’ll be qualified to receive your proficiency certificate. 

Regionally Accredited Diploma vs. High School Proficiency Testing

Students who are intending to enroll in college should talk to an admissions counselor to decide whether our program is right for them. Gaining a recognized diploma from a regionally accredited high school program is not easy or cheap, and our students have decided to forego the traditional route and use our assessment and training certification instead. However, students who are concerned about college admissions should discuss this with their admissions personnel. Please contact them to determine if our program is right for you.

The programs offered by the High School Proficiency Institute are not college level coursework, nor college prep courses. Rather, they are an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency with high school level material in a compressed, online fashion. The proficiency certificate represents a real accomplishment, and certifies comprehension and proficiency of high school level coursework. In turn, this establishes successful students as knowledgeable in the topic areas covered. With a High School Proficiency Institute certificate, students can demonstrate their abilities to employers or themselves. Certification through High School Proficiency Institute does not replace an accredited college prep program or a nationally accredited program like the GED, HiSET, TASC, etc. 

Your Satisfaction and Customer Reviews

We are committed to offering you the best high school proficiency testing available online. We offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee and you may receive a full refund at any time. Feel free to view our testimonials page to read the reviews from our past customers. We’ve awarded high school proficiency certificates to countless people, both adults as well as teenagers. If you have feedback about your experience, please feel free to email us at admin@highschooldiploma.us. If students are concerned with acceptance, we advise all of our students to check with their future employer or school to make sure they allow an online equivalency program.

Secure Payment Options

You can pay for our program via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. It’s possible to pay and immediately begin preparing and taking the test anytime night or day. Your personal information is protected by Verisign security; they are the leader for safe online shopping. TRUSTe privacy services protect your personal details and billing information.

Please Note:

Highschooldiploma.us has created a proficiency certification for those students who need to demonstrate their level of education to employers and those seeking self-improvement. It is not the intent of Highschooldiploma.us to act as a prep course for college admission, and our certification is not meant to meet college or US Military admission requirements.

It is up to individual institutions to decide what documentation they will accept, including employers. For this reason, we do not say that the proficiency certificate will be accepted as a high school equivalency certificate, even though it is proof of proficiency in the topics covered. We simply cannot guarantee what an employer or academic institution will require, and we make no claim at all to meet any admission or employment standards, including certificate of education requirements.